Virtual Care

Virtual speech-language pathology, occupational therapy or counselling/behavioural support are fantastic therapy options for clients who cannot take in-person visits for reasons such as distance or illness.

Our agency has provided virtual services to schools in remote communities of Alberta since 2001. Today there are many apps and online speech and language games that can be used to keep children motivated, engaged, and achieving their communication goals. We provide sessions with audio and video experiences that compare well to in-person sessions. Our psychologists and behavioural therapists can also meet families for consultations in secure meetings.

Virtual sessions can be scheduled easily. Our therapist will send you a link via email, and with one click you can start your virtual meeting!

Our speech-language pathologists and occupational therapist have significant experience using virtual platforms to treat a variety of conditions:

  • Articulation delays

  • Apraxia

  • Phonological Awareness

  • Language delays and disorders

  • Stuttering

  • Voice disorders

  • Accent Variations

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Sensory regulation

  • Emotional regulation

  • Executive Functioning

  • Conversational Skills


I was so happy to see my child’s progress in his speech. He really enjoyed our SLP at Khan and the games they played together. During COVID, we were able to keep up regular appointments virtually and the whole experience was better than I expected.

Thank you, Khan! I am so pleased with your professionalism and your attentiveness towards my son.

Jayme-Lyn W.
Parent, Alberta Community