Khan Communication Services offers you a welcoming and safe place to explore your concerns. Our clinicians are highly experienced in assessing the following areas of development...

  • Communication and Social Skills with Speech Language Pathologists
  • Cognitive, Academic and Learning with a Psychologist

  • Emotional Behavioural and Attention with a Psychologist

  • Sensory and Adaptive with an Occupational Therapist

  • Fine Motor Skills with an Occupational Therapist

  • Physical and Gross Motor with a Physical Therapist

Infant Toddler Communication Assessment

  • Children under 3 years of age who are not demonstrating early indicators such as joint attention, spoken words, understanding and responsiveness to others

  • A speech language pathologist will conduct a detailed in person assessment, either at our clinic or in your home.

  • Following the assessment, a consultation is provided to families with strategies to stimulate early communication skills.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by restricted or repetitive patterns of behavior and difficulties with social skills. “Spectrum” refers to the fact that people with autism present with an array of symptoms, skills, and levels of disability and functioning. In order to achieve the most accurate diagnosis, we use The Autism Diagnostic Observation Scheduled (ADOS), which is considered the gold standard. An interdisciplinary approach is used by a speech language pathologist and a psychologist to administer the ADOS. In addition, a full comprehensive cognitive assessment is conducted by the psychologist.

Khan Team Spotlight

Chelsea Inaba

Speech-Language Pathologist

A play-based environment where children have the opportunity to engage in motivating and rewarding treatment sessions is the best way to learn a variety of skills.

Chelsea InabaSpeech-Language Pathologist

Chelsea is a registered Speech-Language Pathologist who grew up in Southern Alberta. Chelsea works and has experience in several areas within Khan including school-based services, clinic services, and group programming for social communication skills.

Chelsea provides in-depth assessments and treatment for speech, language, and social development for children ages 1 through 18. Family involvement plays a large role in children's progress, so Chelsea involves families by incorporating parent coaching and strategies into her sessions. She is available for in-person sessions or online sessions via telepractice (Zoom).

Chelsea also leads several social communication groups with the Chatter Program™, where she helps children and teens further develop their communication, social, and self-advocacy skills. Within the Chatter Program™, Chelsea also leads parent coaching sessions where parents have the ability to learn more about ways to support their children at home.

Trained in administering the ADOS-2, which is considered the gold standard in assessment for autism diagnosis, Chelsea works together with a registered psychologist to thoroughly identify clients' strengths and challenges when making an autism diagnosis.

I contacted Khan due to concerns regarding my 2 year old daughter’s social communication. They responded promptly to my request for an assessment and clearly explained what to expect. My daughter is typically nervous around new people but Khan's SLP was calm and warm and her presence put my daughter at ease right away.

Following the assessment, Khan provided a comprehensive report. One of my daughter's physicians even commented on how impressed they were by the level of detail provided in the Khan report. My daughter, now 3, continues to see our SLP at Khan for therapy sessions. She is so excited that she waits by the window before each session to see what fun and engaging activities are in store for her. We are so thankful for all the support provided by Khan Communication Services!

Megan K.
Parent, SLP Services