About Home Education

This service is for Home Education families in Alberta, Canada.

Welcome Home Education Parents!

This is where parents can access supports from providers with speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, psychology, behavior and mental health. Please use the link below to complete your registration form, and schedule your first appointment with an intake consultant. We look forward to hearing more about your home education student!

Please note that Alberta Learning has approved this service for home education students whose parents are their primary teachers. Students who have teacher directed programming or online programming with teachers do not qualify for assessments or services. However, parents can schedule a consultation to discuss what supports may be available for their home education student.

New: Ergonomic evaluations available!

Does your child's desk and chair fit them properly? Not sure what to check for? A consultation with an occupational therapist to ensure your child's school set-up follows the foundational ergonomic principles. Proper ergonomics contributes to optimal back health, attention during academic tasks, efficient pencil grasp, and so much more. Learn more from our intake worker when you sign up!


Kathy Tyler

Child Development Consultant Speech Language Assistant

I believe we support student needs best by creating inclusive spaces for them

Kathy TylerChild Development Consultant Speech Language Assistant

Kathy Tyler started her career as a speech-language therapy assistant working in an Early Education programs for young students with severe communication disorders. During that time, she also worked for parents who had FSCD supports. These experiences inspired her to complete a degree in special education. Kathy taught students with complex needs in specialized classrooms, specifically with autism spectrum disorders, for 13 years. Recognizing a need for better support for children in the community, she pursued a Master's Degree in Special Education. Kathy believe that we support student needs best by creating inclusive spaces for them in their schools and in their community and by providing evidence-based support for their complex needs. Kathy is a senior leader and trainer for the Chatter social skills program.

As part of the multidisciplinary team at Khan, Kathy provides behavior support to families and school communities. In her role as a child development consultant, she views behavior as a function of a child's needs and a reflection of their abilities. She supports those closest to them with strategies to meet their specific needs. Kathy also supports families when their child has received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder by helping them navigate the procedures to accessing FSCD.

As a home education service coordinator, Kathy helps parents learn skills in the area of behavior, executive functioning and social communication. She also administers reading assessments and math assessments for children with delays, and guides parents with appropriate strategies that increase their child's learning and academic success.